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SMART-CITIES-AD-HOC - Ad Hoc on Smart Cities

About This Committee

The JTC 1 Study Group on Smart Cities was established at the November 2013 JTC 1 Plenary in Perros-Guirec, France:

Resolution 3 – Establishment of a Study Group on Smart Cities

JTC 1 recognizes the importance of Smart Cities as a trend that will shape many standards in the ICT sector, and notes a growing interest in this area among a number of standards setting organizations. The topic Smart Cities is relevant to the mission of JTC 1 and intersects with the scope of a number of JTC 1 entities.

Therefore, JTC 1 establishes a Study Group on Smart Cities with the following Terms of Reference:

Terms of Reference
1. Provide a description of key concepts related to Smart Cities, establish the definition of Smart Cities based on the key concepts, and describe relevant terminology.
2. Study and document the technological, market and societal requirements for the ICT standardization aspects of Smart Cities.
3. Study and document current technologies that are being deployed to enable Smart Cities.
4. Assess the current state of standardization activities relevant to Smart Cities within JTC 1, in other relevant ISO and IEC TCs, in other SDOs and in consortia.
5. Identify and propose how JTC 1 should address the ICT standardization needs of Smart Cities.
6. Provide a report with recommendations, and potentially other deliverables, to the 2014 JTC 1 Plenary.


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